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Our Team

Amber Bariaktari on set of the Giallo inspired film.

   Amber Bariaktari  – owner/Visual Effects Supervisor for feature films, post visual effects, conceptual design, sculpture, creature design, building, mechanics, puppeteering, performing, and stop motion claymation.

Amber is also owner/producer/writer/director at Bullet Dance Films.

and an award winning producer at Hellbender Media and is their social media director.







Edward Martin III – Digital Effects Artist. Effects Planning and Supervisor. Edward has helped design effects for several features as well as dozens of short movies, specializing in detailed props, electronics, fine fabrication, etc, visual and post effects.

He is also an award winning writer and director and owner of Hellbender Media


 Ryan K. Johnson – visual effects coordinator and manager – Ryan is also a Cinematographer and an independent filmmaker living in Seattle who has produced and directed two dozen shorts over the past 26 years. His movies have been shown at Bumbershoot, the Seattle International Film Festival, and on the BBC. He currently works as a cinematographer and video editor, recent credits include Karl Krogstad’s “The Perfect Show” (Portland Art Museum, 2007), and “The American Avant Garde” arts show on The Seattle Channel.




Raine Rucker is a PA for special effects and onset photographer. She is Amber’s Right arm and she also is owner of Earth Worshipper Photography.